• The Wild Side comes from a very simple concept, that is being able to track down our wild side, where nothing has neither a reasoning nor a precise order, a place; it is a concept in which the only prerogative is 'to be'.
  • We can observe all this in the use of recycling, that is giving new birth and new functions to materials and forgotten objects. All this cre?ates in the mind a hard but simple work, letting the fantasy and imagination run wild: track down our wild side means finding the real essence of ourselves, starting from the beginnings, being able to realise everything that our mind can imagine.

Bares - Restaurantes

Boa Vista Club House Punta Cana The Claddagh Planeta Goloso
San Telmo Tiki Bar La Costa Atlantic Disco Bar Le Bistro
Casablanca Disco Pub Lucky 7 La Cueva The Sun Place
Sunset Café Dario´s Carne a la piedra
La Trattoria Sensual Music Club The Players Lounge
Watermelon The Wild Side Bora Bora
Habibi Havana´s Rest. Las Vistas
Sal Negra Cafe Restaurante Camilo Zazzamita
Piccolo Pk2 Goodfellas Bar
Agua de Coco   El Varadero
  Ukelele   El Rinconcito
  Sama Sama